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You dont need to be a genius to succeed with Affiliate Marketing or any online business.I succeed and I’m no genuis! Really all you need is Patience,Knowledge,and Hard-work.

You do not need to chase some shiny object that promises you automated income,A breakthrough system,secret loopholes,or a get-rich quick method


All you need is a GREAT website with plenty of content and something that visitors want to see. And I can show you how to get those. It’s simple but takes time and commitment But the outcome will allow you to have more freedom to enjoy the things that you want to do. Don’t pretend that you do not want to make money everyone does.You want it,and you are allowed to want it. The only thing you are not allowed to do is think that you will get it easily and quickly. 

People make hundreds,thousands,even millions on the internet each day im not talking about the scammers or con artists I’m talking about  doing this exact same thing that you and I are doing Affiliate Marketers.People who own websites that give useful information,and make money from providing that information.


                           AFFILIATE MARKETING WHAT IS IT?

Think back to the last time you brought 

something online

                                                              Im not interested in where you brought it from or what it was, But why did you buy it? If you made the purchase based on advice from somebody else, then you’ll have a good idea of what affiliate marketing is. An affiliate marketer becomes a expert on a specific topic (usually their passion) they create a website with information and reccommendations and when people make purchases based on that The affiliate earns a commission.     ITS NOT EVEN COMPLICATED IF I CAN DO IT SO CAN YOU!!!!


The truth is I can sit here and list 100’s and 1,000’s of different ways to start with different companies and you will sit here and become overwhelmed. You will search the internet and find people saying that they have the perfect solution which is all hype. You will visit sites that claim to be Free To Join and once you join you have to pay money to upgrade and make money.Instead I will tell you where I started because at the very least i know it works 

All affiliate marketing beginners should get started in a  training community with expert affiliates sponsoring them and assisting them with training,answering questions,and giving advice to better there business.SFI is a Great place for new affiliates. Find out for yourself,and YES it is FREE TO SIGN UP   START NOW  



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